Train Your Trainers

"Train Your Trainers" programme provides your organisation's content or subject-matter experts with the appropriate skills to share their valuable knowledge and experience with the rest of your workforce and/or clients.


Program Outcomes

After attending the program and participating in the small group and individual exercises, your trainers should be able to prepare for, conduct and review workplace training projects involving either individuals or small to medium size learner groups.



The program is formatted in a way that will enable you to consider its delivery either as a complete program, or as a modularised approach spaced over a longer period. The topics listed can either be included or omitted, depending on your trainers’ needs.


Who will Benefit?

This learning opportunity is ideal for those employees who are perceived to be ‘content experts’ due to their roles and experiences and who now have additional responsibilities as workplace trainers. This may be due to a short term project or due to a career plan to enter the Learning and Development field.


Learning Areas Covered

Theories of Adult Learning

Planning Training

  • Needs Analysis
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Training Strategies

Conducting Training

  • Session Plans
  • Delivery Skills
  • Managing group dynamics

Reviewing Training

  • Assessing learning during training
  • Ensuring transfer of learning after training
  • Obtaining feedback on training

The content and projects in this program is offered at Australian Qualifications Framework levels 3 and 4 and is aligned to the competencies in the field of Delivery and Facilitation. Formal Statements of Attainment can be issued if required.


Process for Successful Adoption

The success of this program lies in its holistic approach and follows three distinct stages. They are:

Phase 1. Set-up for Success

  • Confirmation of workplace need
  • Commitment to win-win solution with measurable, desired outcomes
  • Pre-program focussing activity for all enrolled participants


Phase 2. Training Course Delivery (structured to suit your availability)

  • Content facilitated using Adult Learning Principles
  • Practical opportunities to build confidence for easy transfer of knowledge


Phase 3. Transfer to your Workplace / Implementation

  • Organise implementation of specific training activities within a specific timeframe
  • Follow-up and measure success of these activities using your existing organisational systems (e.g. Performance Review Systems), or using uniquely designed checklists.


What this means to your organisation

Your organisation's newly selected trainers will return to their training responsibilities with not only more knowledge and skills regarding ‘Workplace training’, but also with an enthused outlook and approach on how to make their training efforts enjoyable and effective. Most importantly, they will have a new skill-set which will enable them to share their existing knowledge and experience and thereby multiply their personal value to your organisation plenty fold. 


Further Information

For more information about "Train Your Trainers" programme please call:

Rolene Liebenberg
Tel:         +61 0414 277 356 (mobile)