Train the Trainer



Would you like to certify individuals within your organisation to facilitate Miller Heiman sales programmes? Train-the-Trainer programmes allow you to become a Miller Heiman Client Associate by attending an intensive three-day programme for each selling process to be implemented. Currently, certification is available for Strategic Selling®, Conceptual Selling®, LAMP®, Manager’s Coaching for Strategic Selling®, and Negotiate SuccessSM.

The programmes can be tailored to your organisation through the use of specific examples and sales experiences.

  • Your organisation can run smaller, more cost-effective programmes
  • Delivery of the programmes may coincide with other sales events and can be integrated with other sales-oriented training procedure or education.

Having Client Associates throughout your organisation accelerates buy-in and ensures the consistent use of the process. Due to their in-depth knowledge of the concepts, Client Associates can also tailor the training sessions to meet your organisation's specific needs, and your sales force can be given regular followup training when appropriate and convenient.

“With several sales vice presidents and managers as Client Associates, we have tremendous buy-in and ownership in our sales development initiatives, which has proven to be a blueprint for success.”
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Corporate Express


How does the Train-the-Trainer Programme work?

Leader Training Institutes require concentration, involvement and attention. Like all Miller Heiman offerings, this programme is rigorous and challenging…individuals chosen should view this programme as an opportunity to broaden their exposure and visibility within their organisations.

Leader Training Institutes (LTI) are part of a multi-step process to prepare and license sales leaders to deliver Miller Heiman programmes in-house, while ensuring their integrity. The process to become a licensed Client Associate includes:

  • Previously attending the corresponding training programme. For example, you must have attended the Strategic Selling® training programme prior to attending the LTI for Strategic Selling®
  • Completing approximately eight hours of preparatory work prior to attending the LTI
  • Pre-Institute study of the programme concepts
  • Participation in a Leader Training Institute (LTI)
  • Assistance from a Miller Heiman coach for the participant’s first programme
  • Annual re-certification process.

Who should attend?

All attendees should meet the following qualifications:

  • Have experience as a successful sales representative
  • Currently hold a sales leadership position within their organisation
  • Have a proven ability to grasp new concepts quickly
  • Have strong peer credibility within their organisations
  • Possess superior interpersonal and presentation skills
  • Have ambitions within their organisations and have been identified by superiors as having the potential to grow and add value within their sales force
  • Actively support Miller Heiman processes
  • Have the desire to teach Miller Heiman processes.


What you will learn

You are encouraged to send two people through the LTI who will co-teach their first programme. Public LTI programmes are held throughout the year. Private LTI programmes can be scheduled at any location for a company sending five or more people.

  • Discuss programme concepts in depth
  • Learn to introduce and develop each concept
  • Design your own teaching plans
  • Rehearse teaching each of the concepts
  • Discuss concepts and programme implementation
  • Develop individual teaching plans and practice concept instruction
  • Receive teaching tips and suggestions for assuring successful programmes from a Miller Heiman coach
  • Receive support from Miller Heiman during your first programme.