Snack Learning

Learning into Life®

For hundreds of years learning has occurred in formal environments such as classrooms and lecture theatres.  More recently, computers and the Internet have modernised and improved the learning process.  But there’s still a gap.  People need regular prompts and encouragement to practice and apply their learnings, otherwise training initiatives can be a waste of valuable corporate time and money.

Snack Learning® revolutionises how your employees can learn and how you can impact corporate communication.  People receive frequent bite-sized chunks of information delivered fast and automatically to their mobile phone or PC, to reinforce their learnings and your key corporate messages.  Now every employee across the organisation can have their own personal trainer, prompting them to take action and focus on their success.
Employees will love it
  • What if the learning bites could be delivered in a quick and easy to read format via a mobile phone or PC?
  • What if your employees’ learning could be reinforced in their spare moments; waiting at the airport, during commuting, riding in a taxi, during their working day, before important meetings or while having a coffee?
  • What if the messages they receive help them to perform better at work and allow them to deliver results better and faster?
Learning and Development will embrace it
  • What if L&D professionals could extend their reach and provide personal coaching, encouragement and reinforcement for their employees with follow-up tailored learning bites as reminders to improve the retention of important knowledge?
  • What if these learning bites could be delivered automatically daily, weekly or monthly as action prompts to employees to apply their new skills and knowledge?
  • What if Snack Learning® could support culture change with employees, by delivering key messages over several weeks to months?
Why it will deliver a Return on Investment for the Organisation
  • The Snack Learning® system can cost-effectively reinforce the key learning or business messages to support the education of employees, thereby delivering you a higher ROI on all learning and development investments or corporate objectives.
  • This learning and communication approach has the potential to save valuable time and resources and reinforce corporate initiatives.