Sales Messaging

"Changing the way the world sells!"


Companies come to Corporate Visions when they want to win more business. For nearly two decades Corporate Visions has helped companies win sales opportunities by teaching their sales organisation what to say and how to say it. Founded by two sales messaging experts, Chuck Laughlin and Karen Sage, Corporate Visions is the global expert in the use of story in business. 


Why it will be valuable to you

Power Messaging will help you create strong sales messages, teach your sales team how to deliver them and provide tools that deploy and reinforce those sales messages across your entire enterprise.

How to say it

Power Messaging deliver communications that change the buying criteria to favour your company. Imagine your sales force selling with such conviction that you no longer have to compete with your competition; your competition is forced to compete with you. The Power Messaging workshop teaches your salespeople how to speak to your prospects' pains and desires and how to position your solution as the best and only choice. These proven techniques will help your sales team communicate concise messages from your buyer's point-of-view, making it easy for your prospects to make a decision in your favour.

 "A much more powerful way (to persuade people) is by uniting an idea with emotion.  The best way to do that is by telling a compelling story."

Harvard Business Review ("Storytelling That Moves People: A Conversation with Screen Writing Coach Robert McKee".  June 2003)


Who it's for

This two-day, highly interactive, instructor lead workshop includes four hours of online education (Power Message Express web course) and is ideal for any and all customer-facing teams - from sales representatives and marketers to managers, product engineers, and customer service representatives.


What you'll learn

Rather then telling prospective customers all about your company, your services, and your products, the Power Messaging training course and workshops teach your salespeople how to deliver messages that are unique to you, as well as important to your buyers.  

  • Proven techniques to apply at every critical customer touch-point in the sales cycle
  • How to handle objections using unique reframe techniques
  • The neuroscience behind what influences buying decisions
  • An most importantly, how to close more deals

Why it Works so Well

The Power Messaging workshop will change the way your team approaches a sale. The messaging techniques are based on the science behind how the brain makes decisions and that if you make your solution meaningful to your prospect, the buying decision will favour your company.