Sales Funnel Scorecard



Funnel ScoreCardSM is a process-based methodology for helping sales organizations to quickly and systematically identify the best opportunities to pursue, providing fact-based decisions around resource allocation and time management. The results are better win ratios and more productive sales funnels.

Funnel ScoreCardSM is an advanced module of Strategic Selling® and the Ideal Customer Profile concept. This instructor-led methodology is a series of hands-on workshops, which identify the best practices of your organization’s top performers and the criteria they use to successfully identify and win new business opportunities.

Every organization has it’s own selling model which produces winning results. The key is to identify the objective criteria from this model. The Funnel ScoreCardSM then provides a powerful coaching tool that ensures the entire sales organization is consistently applying these standards to opportunity development.

With Funnel ScoreCardSM your sales force has a field-ready process of defining, scoring, and ranking which opportunities require sales activities and resources. No more wasted time chasing down poor sales opportunities. With Funnel ScoreCardSM you’ll increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales organization’s ability to consistently win profitable business.

*Strategic Selling® is a pre-requisite for Funnel ScoreCardSM

How Your Sales Organisation Benefits

Funnel ScoreCardSM allows a sales organization to spend more time in front of the right customers to win business fast.

  • Selling time is focused on the right opportunities and actions that will close business, thus shortening sales cycles
  • Consistently evaluate opportunities in all phases of the sales funnel
  • Improved communication and decision making around sales opportunities
  • Better forecasting accuracy through enhanced funnel integrity


Reinforce Your Company’s Sales Process

Funnel ScoreCardSM is based on Miller Heiman’s winning sales methodology, Strategic Selling®.

  • Apply a rigorous Ideal Customer Profile methodology to all sales opportunities pursued to ensure you’re putting the right people and resources on the opportunities that have the highest probability of winning
  • Replicate the knowledge and strategy of top sales performers throughout the sales organization
  • Easily leverage won/lost analysis to better identify strengths and eliminate future red flags
  • Establish performance metrics at key stages of your sales process
  • Enhance sales process consistency with the implementation of a common language


Real World Selling Strategies

Like all Miller Heiman sales methodologies, Funnel ScoreCardSM is genuine. It’s based on your company’s real-world selling environment. No manipulation. No gimmicks. Just a straightforward, honest approach to selling.

  • Learn a repeatable process for finding the right business to pursue
  • Apply a proven methodology to work through your own accounts to develop winning solutions
  • Develop an action plan you can put to work immediately
  • Establish criteria for what goes into your funnel and what doesn’t