Presentation Skills

"Getting your listeners to hear your message and then, most importantly, to act on it"


Program Outcomes

As a result of attending this "Effective Presentation Skills" program and participating in the related practical opportunities, you should be able to:

  •  Effectively plan for, strategically prepare and confidently present a message to a small to medium-sized audience in order to achieve specific business-related objectives.

Program Flexibility

This competency-based program is formatted in such a way that you can choose to experience it all in one go over 2 or 3 days, or spaced over a period of time. Both the training process and the learning content can be tailored to suit your specific needs and availability.


Who will benefit?

Anyone who has to get up in front of a group of people and hold their attention for a period of time in order to deliver a specific message will benefit from this program.

Whether you’ve never done this before, or have some experience, this program will lift your skills and your levels of confidence will subsequently increase too. General business presenters e.g. reporting on a project at an internal meeting, or specific business presenters e.g. product or system trainers, as well as sales people will find this program valuable.


Learning Areas Covered

"Effective Presentation Skills" covers the two important presentation areas:

1. Design 

  • Plan & prepare your message using/following tried and tested processes.


2. Delivery

  • Managing performance anxiety and audience interaction using three core personal communication skills.


Process for Ensuring Adoption & Behaviour Change

The success of this learning program relies heavily on the execution of all three critical phases:

1. To ensure the best outcome for this learning opportunity, it is essential that the program is set up well. This means a thorough discussion on why the program is needed and what it should offer. An agreement on measurable business objectives is aimed for. Commitment by the learner is important before he/she arrives so some pre-work is expected.

2. During the training event, all content is competency-based (behavioural) and the facilitator will be using Adult Learning Principles (highly interactive). It is advisable that some practical opportunities are recorded on DVD during training for individual reflection after training. It is important for each presenter to hear and see themselves as others hear and see them, in an effort to keep improving.

3. For a high adoption rate of newly learned/practised skills, immediate and ongoing use of these skills is required. A work-based project is expected to be managed within six weeks after the conclusion of the training event and some form of ‘measurement’ of the success of this project is encouraged. The ideal situation is a debrief using existing organisational systems e.g. performance appraisal. This is where you look at the intended outcomes as agreed upon at the start and their actual achievement after training. A comprehensive competency-based tool/checklist will be supplied during training to assist with this.


Further Information

For more information about the "Effective Presentation Skills" programme, please contact Rolene Liebenberg:

Mobile:      +61 (0)414 277 356