Predictive Sales Performance

The Overview

Imagine if you could predict results before they happen. With Predictive Sales PerformanceSM by Miller Heiman, you’ll gain the visibility within your organization to better predict who will become a top performer. You can predict the performance of new sales people joining your organization, or assess the potential of existing salespeople.

Predictive Sales PerformanceSM is a web-based process that is used to evaluate your sales organization against your top performers. Developed by Profiles International, Inc., Predictive Sales PerformanceSM is supported by extensive research.

Predictive Sales PerformanceSM Study

Predictive Sales PerformanceSM Study contains three distinctive sections, which include Sales Match AnalysisSM, Coaching ReportSM, and Sales Excellence AssessmentSM. Each performs a specific analysis.  The Study gives leaders objective, powerful data to better understand the overall performance of their sales department as well as providing coaching recommendations with each participant’s individual report.


  • The Sales Match AnalysisSM compares the organization’s assessed sales people to the company’s identified top performers. The Analysis creates a Job Match pattern based on thinking style, behavioral traits, and interests of top performers.



  • The Coaching ReportSM is designed to provide leaders with information that is helpful in managing, motivating, and teaching. The Report profiles three specific traits: thinking style, behavioral traits, and interests, as well as looking at the Total Person and adding coaching comments, recommendations, and suggestions.



  • A summary of the team’s results from the Sales Excellence AssessmentsSM completed by your staff, this study assesses eight major competencies and seventeen specific skill sets critical to successful sales.
  • The Sales Excellence AssessmentSM by Salesperson provides individual results of the sales assessments that have been completed by the staff. This provides each individual with an objective self-portrait in narrative form to be used for professional self-improvement.


Why Predictive Sales PerformanceSM is Right for You

Predictive Sales PerformanceSM is designed to help managers better identify, train, and retain an exceptional sales organization.

  • Is the turnover in your sales force too high?
  • Do you hire new sales professionals with unpredictable results?
  • Are the roles of your sales force constantly changing?
  • Do you know who you’ll retain during a corporate restructuring?
  • Have you recently acquired a new sales force and need to evaluate their strengths?


What it Measures

Predictive Sales PerformanceSM evaluates new sales professionals joining your company and the talent within your existing sales force. 

  • Identify the key strengths of candidates before you hire them and predict which candidates will become top performers and why
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of individuals and of the entire sales organization
  • Allocate training and coaching on key areas that matter most
  • Identify backups for key positions
  • Build internal teams based on individual strengths that win business consistently


How You and Your Organisation Will Benefit

Predictive Sales PerformanceSM drives world-class sales excellence with a proven online assessment system that predicts behavior rather than just describing it. It provides a 25 to 30 percent better chance of correctly selecting an effective employee versus an interview alone. As a result, precious recruiting and development resources are used to maximum efficiency. 

  • Have confidence when hiring new employees
  • Reduce employee turnovers and replacement costs
  • Evaluate and select the right candidate for a promotion
  • Assess the performance potential of existing salespeople
  • Ensure the right resources are available for the right people


About Profiles International Inc.

Profiles International, Inc. provides a comprehensive array of employee assessment instruments used to put people in the right jobs, help managers lead, coach, and motivate effectively, and help all employees direct their efforts to achieve greater productivity and profitability. Profiles assessments are used throughout the United States and in over 80 other nations around the globe.