Miller Heiman Sales Processes


Dr Rob Anderson, Managing Director of Metriss Pty Ltd, is an accredited consultant, trainer and coach for several of Miller Heiman’s world-renowned sales processes.
Miller Heiman Profile
By way of background, Miller Heiman’s capabilities can be summarised as follows:
  • 1,000,000 - Over one million sales professionals have been trained globally.
  • 10,000- During this period over 10,000 corporations have deployed Miller Heiman sales processes around the world.
  • 600 - Last year alone approximately 600 different organisations engaged with Miller Heiman internationally to roll out new sales processes.
  • 30 - Miller Heiman has a 30 year proven track record of success with many of the world's biggest brands.
  • 1- Over the past few years Miller Heiman has developed the world’s largest research base for sales effectiveness.
Processes for Sales Professionals
Miller Heiman’s sales processes are highly valued by sales professionals throughout the world whether they are relatively new to sales, or have 20+ years of experience.
Why Sales Process?
Miller Heiman sales processes and tools:
  • provide structure, discipline and consistency in selling approach for the entire sales team;
  • instil a common language to improve communication and understanding; 
  • de-emotionalise problems with customers and prospects;
  • focus on all the non-technical skills and techniques, as it is the subtleties of relationships and the processes of communication, which invariably make the long-term difference;
  • are straight-forward, easy to learn and use and have been proven globally to work effectively; and 
  • most importantly, deliver results.
 From the executive team, to sales management, to representatives in the field, the entire selling organisation is unified by processes that prepares you to win more business and faster.