Large Account Management

The Overview

Large Account Management ProcessSM (LAMP®) demonstrates how a team effort toward managing complex accounts helps you win. Participants learn how to manage cross-functional teams in ways that clarify roles and responsibilities, boost collaboration, increase effectiveness and ensure accountability.

This programme demonstrates how to best manage and grow large accounts. It also helps you improve relationships between your company and all the individuals within your key accounts.

LAMP® shows you how to position yourself with senior people in the buying organisation and deliver the results that matter most. You'll work with your own, real-world accounts to establish realistic revenue targets and devise detailed action plans to reach your goals.

“LAMP® is a definitive process for success! Use it and your preparation will pay off.” Pamela Wozniak, CHEP USA

LAMP® requires concentration, involvement and attention. Like all Miller Heiman offerings, this programme is rigorous and challenging…because that’s what it takes to sell successfully today.

Why You Should Attend 

  • Can you connect all of the relevant players from your organisation with those of your customer’s?
  • Has your sales organisation had trouble extracting the full potential out of your largest accounts?
  • Is your account turnover rate /churn too high?
  • Are you ineffectively allocating your sales organisation’s time and resources?


What You'll Learn

  • Analyse your current position to identify discrepancies and develop a shared vision
  • Identify appropriate players on your selling team and how they function
  • Document multi-year plans to manage your key accounts and uncover key resources to gather data about your account
  • Learn methods of determining your account’s revenue potential and how it impacts your selling strategy
  • Learn how your customer’s perception of “higher position” decreases price sensitivity and competitive threats
  • Understand how to set clearly defined sales goals with measurable results


How You and Your Organisation with Benefit

In most businesses, the top 5 percent of accounts generate more than 50 percent of a company’s revenue.

LAMP® offers sales executives collaborative strategies and approaches to help target, obtain and manage key, strategic accounts.

  • Grow your client relationships by providing value where it is needed most
  • Get meaningful, lasting results 
  • Allocate your resources more effectively with key accounts
  • Get accountability with all members of your team
  • Increase account retention and long-term stability and growth
  • Define and map your largest accounts into manageable segments


Real-World Selling Strategies

LAMP® involves you in real-world situations, not theoretical case studies, and enables you to create detailed action plans for your own accounts that:

  • Focus on manageable segments
  • Determine your position on the Buy-Sell Hierarchy
  • Evaluate your situation
  • Draft a Charter Statement
  • Set realistic goals for targeted accounts
  • Focus resources where they are most effective
  • Establish revenue targets
  • Determine sales and support programmes
  • Create one- to two-year Strategic Account Analysis (Gold Sheet)