CRM Interface


Miller Heiman’s Sales Access ManagerSM integrates the planning worksheets of Strategic Selling®, Conceptual Selling®, and Large Account Management ProcessSM methodologies into CRM platforms, and contact management systems. This winning combination provides the tools, information and ease-of-use required to help you consistently win more business.


Sales Access ManagerSM provides sales management visibility to sales opportunities and required actions throughout the sales organization. Account updates are more productive by helping sales management and sales professionals focus on key activities required to move opportunities forward.

For sales professionals, Sales Access ManagerSM provides quick and easy access to Miller Heiman planning worksheets including the Blue, Green and Gold Sheet. When Sales Access ManagerSM is implemented within your organization, all information captured within the planning worksheets, including Buying Influences, Customer Concept, Funnel Position, and Action Plans are readily shared with colleagues, account management teams, and sales management. 


  • Gives quick access to Miller Heiman’s planning worksheets
  • Improves visibility to sales funnels and activities
  • Strengthens utilization of Miller Heiman sales methodologies
  • Increases user adoption of CRM
  • Efficiently allocates resources to the right opportunities at the right time.


Currently Sales Access ManagerSM  supports the following planning worksheets:

Strategic Selling® - Blue Sheet

Strategic Selling® and the Blue Sheet planning tool empowers sellers to build and maintain a strategic approach to pursuing opportunities. The Blue Sheet gives sales people an easy and user-friendly way to build strategies for individual opportunities moving them to close faster.


Conceptual Selling® - Green Sheet

Conceptual Selling® and the Green Sheet planning tool focuses sellers on the effective management of their individual sales calls helping them properly position their products. The Green Sheet give sales people a consistent process for leveraging every customer interaction as they move through the sales cycle.


Large Account Management ProcessSM (LAMP®) – Gold Sheet

LAMP® and the Gold Sheet planning tool enhances the sellers’ ability to build lasting relationships with their largest customers. The Gold Sheet gives sales teams a repeatable and reliable way to exchange information and build 1-3 year strategies to grow their most profitable customers.