Channel Partner Management



Today, companies count on their channel partnerships to maximize profits, increase market penetration, and enhance customer satisfaction. Businesses must take channel relationships to the next level by creating mutually beneficial solutions that focus on win-win strategies.

Channel Partner ManagementSM discusses, validates and commits to specific goals and processes to help sales organisations and their channel partners achieve those objectives.

The Channel Partner ManagementSM process improves the management of your channels for efficiency and effectiveness. It helps your business better optimise channel partnerships, and focus these relationships toward mutual profitability. This process provides everything you need to implement a viable action plan designed to produce results.

"Channel Partner ManagementSM showed me how to manage my channel relationships more strategically and how to gain alignment from my partners upfront." Anthony Reading, Raindance

Channel Partner ManagementSM requires concentration, involvement and attention. Like all Miller Heiman offerings, this programme is rigorous and challenging…because that’s what it takes to sell successfully today.

Why You Should Attend

  • Are channel relationships part of your overall sales strategy?
  • Are you unsatisfied with the effectiveness of your channel relationships?
  • Are you searching for a proven method to maximise the ROI from your channel relationships?
  • Would you like to increase loyalty from your partners and differentiate your organization from your competition?


What You’ll Learn

  • Ensure alignment of your long-term strategies with your partners
  • Develop strategic and tactical initiatives to achieve these goals
  • Assess the relationship’s importance to the partners
  • Gain commitment from partners for revenue goals and sales objectives
  • Provide channel partners the tools and support they need to achieve their revenue targets
  • Minimise competitive vulnerabilities
  • Learn how to build partner loyalty


How You and Your Organisation with Benefit

The Channel Partner ManagementSM process helps organisations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their channel relationships. By focusing on mutually-beneficial partnerships and win-win strategies, the programme helps businesses take their channel relationships to the next level. Through this process, both parties are able to mutually set expectations, and focus resources to maximise their return on investment.

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of channel relationships
  • Achieve win-win strategies
  • Maximise your return on investment
  • Increase “mind share” and build partner loyalty


Real-World Selling Strategies

Channel Partner ManagementSM involves you in real-world situations, not theoretical case studies, and enables you to create detailed action plans for your channel partners that include:

  • Discussion of various channel models
  • Development of comprehensive Situation Appraisals
  • Definition of clear partnership goals
  • Creation of effective and mutually profitable goals
  • Creation of effective sales and support programmes
  • Maximising your ROI