Sales Opportunity Management



Strategic Selling® helps you identify and convert sales opportunities into closed business.

Extending beyond the one-to-one relationship and call planning skills of Conceptual Selling®, Strategic Selling® helps you discover the full sales opportunity that your prospect represents.

With most sales opportunities, there are multiple influencers that impact the deal. Do you know who they are? Do you know how to connect with each of these individuals to secure their emotional buy-in?

With Strategic Selling® you’ll assess what you know about your clients, discover what you don’t know, and learn who and what you need to know to develop a winning solution. Learn why Ideal Customer Profile, the Sales Funnel, Buying Influences, and Single Sales Objective are philosophies used by top performing sales professionals throughout the world.

We utilise Miller Heiman’s Blue Sheets and other Strategic Selling® practices because they provide an effective, concise way to communicate about current opportunities.
Brendan Sullivan, eMag Solutions.

Strategic Selling® requires concentration, involvement and attention. Like all Miller Heiman offerings, this programme is rigorous and challenging…because that’s what it takes to sell successfully today.

Why You Should Attend 

Strategic Selling® is designed for sales management and sales professionals in complex selling environments, which usually have multiple decision-makers and long sales cycles.

  • Do you know how to work with all the buying influences within a specific sales opportunity?
  • Can you convert those influences to become advocates of your solution?
  • Does your sales organisation lack a consistent approach for winning business?
  • Do you want to strengthen visibility into your pipelines and improve forecasting?
  • Is your sales team frustrated by complex accounts with several decision makers?


What You’ll Learn

  • Communicate with a simple sales language
  • Use a universal sales process adaptable to any sales situation
  • Identify the buying influences present in every sales opportunity
  • Focus your selling efforts on areas that matter most
  • Overcome obstacles that can derail your sale
  • Create a result that’s good for you and the customer
  • Convert your prospect’s buying influences to work in your favour


How You and Your Organisation will Benefit

The Strategic Selling® process provides a straight-forward road map that helps salespeople tie actions to strategies, enabling them to more effectively navigate today’s complex selling environment. Through a consistent and structured process and sales language, sales organisations the world over have turned current and prospective clients into long-term business partners; and have increased their sales force efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Increase close ratios by identifying, influencing, and inspiring all the decision makers in your pipeline
  • Shorten sales cycles by implementing practical field-ready strategies, including realistic action plans and timetables
  • Gain visibility into your sales organisation in order to improve pipeline forecasting, resource allocation, and communication between management and the field
  • Unify your sales organisation with a universal sales process that is simple and intuitive, while winning business and creating customers for life


Real-World Selling Strategies

Strategic Selling® involves you in real-world situations, not theoretical case studies, and enables you to create detailed action plans for your own accounts that:

  • Identify critical changes in your selling environments
  • Define Single Sales Objectives
  • Identify Buying Influences, their roles, relative importance and receptivity
  • Create win-win relationships
  • Evaluate competitors
  • Create an Ideal Customer Profile
  • Manage the Sales Funnel to improve productivity
  • Develop an action plan to win business consistently


Training Course Structures

You may also attend Strategic Selling® in a combined format with Conceptual Selling® in a single three-day programme. Blended learning delivery is also possible.