Sales Call Planning


The Overview

In every sales cycle there are critical points-of-impact where what you say and how you say it can dramatically influence the outcome of the sale. It begins with your first sales call and continues with every communication you have with your prospect.

Are you prepared to consistently move your sale toward a close? Are you aligning with the exact interests and needs of your prospect? Are you using your unique strengths to create differentiation and value?

Conceptual Selling® delivers step-by-step tactics for managing all customer interactions, including effective call planning, objection handling, action plan development and commitment fulfillment.

Conceptual Selling® brings efficiency into the sales process — and into every sales meeting. By using the sales call plans, our representatives are better prepared for every meeting.” John Philip Coghlan, Schwab Institutional

Conceptual Selling® requires concentration, involvement and attention. Like all Miller Heiman offerings, this programme is rigorous and challenging…because that’s what it takes to sell successfully today.

Why You Should Attend

Conceptual Selling® is call planning for sales managers and sales professionals who want to improve all customer interactions, including phone conversations, face-to-face discussions and email correspondence.

  • Are you differentiating yourself based on your unique strengths? 
  • Are you getting commitment with every interaction? 
  • Can you separate customer objections from basic issues? 
  • How are you handling customers that won’t commit?


What You’ll Learn

  •  A universal framework for managing customer interactions
  • Simple, concise sales language for strengthening communication between yourself, the prospect, and sales management
  • The Sales Call Plan (Green Sheet)—a tactical, hands-on plan for advancing every sale toward close
  • The single most important accomplishment you should achieve during each customer interaction 
  • The right questions to ask that will move your sale forward 
  • Your customer’s perceptions and what motivates them to buy


How You and Your Organisation will Benefit

Conceptual Selling® fosters a customer-centered culture by focusing on why a client is really buying.

You are able to quickly determine if there is a fit for your products and/or services, resulting in more effective sales calls and a more productive sales force.

  • Increase close ratios by building win-win relationships with prospects 
  • Shorten sales cycles by using proven techniques to move the sale forward 
  • Develop a sales organisation that consistently uses the right tactics for building long-term relationships with clients
  • Your salespeople will have a valid business reason for every customer interaction

Real-World Selling Strategies

Conceptual Selling® involves you in real-world situations, not theoretical case studies, and enables you to create detailed action plans for your own accounts that: 

  •  Identify the Buying Influence’s values, interests, and needs
  • Understand the buying decision process
  • Establish Action Commitments 
  • Set a Single Sales Objective
  • Create a Valid Business Reason for every interaction
  • Earn lasting credibility
  • Ask questions that reveal the missing pieces
  • Use a Joint Venture Approach
  • Differentiate your solutions from your competitors