Executive Buying Decisions



Executive ImpactSM is the only executive selling workshop that helps you sell the way executives want to buy.
How much time and effort have you lost chasing down opportunities that were lost in the end because an executive denied your proposal? You can make an impact with senior executives by doing three things very well:

  • Quickly and effectively gain access to the senior level decision maker
  • Identify how the executive processes information to make the most important decisions
  • Influence the executive’s decision by tailoring your approach to make the most impact with the executive’s decision making style


Executive ImpactSM is the first executive selling workshop that is based on empirical data resulting from an exhaustive two-year research study involving nearly 1,700 key executive decision makers. The study reveals five distinct executive decision-making styles.

  • The Charismatic is motivated by new ideas that will keep the company competitive
  • The Thinker takes time to think things through and avoids risk
  • The Sceptic is inherently mistrustful and worries about not winning
  • The Follower looks for proven ways tested already by themselves or others
  • The Controller likes to avoid change unless it is her/his own idea

With Executive ImpactSM you’ll win more business by selling more effectively to each of these decision-making styles.

“Winning the decision of key executives is critical in today's marketplace. Learning how executives make decisions and teaching our sales force to tailor information based on these styles, has raised the emotional intelligence required to win more business.” Jeff Connor, Senior VP, ARAMARK Healthcare Management Services

Why You Should Attend

Research shows that salespeople who are reaching the executive decision maker still aren’t making an impact. Executives report that more than half of the salespeople they meet with are ineffective at getting them to say, “yes” to the proposal. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Secure meetings with high-level executives
  • Identify each of the five decision-making styles
  • Develop strategies for before, during, and after each executive-level interaction
  • Adapt your selling style for maximum impact 
  • Tailor your selling efforts when multiple decision styles are involved
  • Develop a tool kit designed for influencing a specific executive’s decision-making style to move the sale forward
  • Assemble your team in a way that best compliments your customers’ decision-making styles to avoid conflict and speed decisions along


How You and Your Organisation Will Benefit

  • Learn a repeatable process to prepare you for every executive-level sales call
  • Work on your own real-world situations involving upcoming executive meetings
  • Achieve better close ratios, shorter sales cycles, and less discounting
  • Gain credibility and tighter relationships with executive decision makers
  • Equip yourself with a worksheet tool, which will help you determine the appropriate resources, timing, and method required to persuade each executive’s decision-making style


Real-World Selling Strategies

  • Executive ImpactSM is not about personality styles. It’s about how executives process information when making decisions. 
  • Extends the core concepts of Miller Heiman’s Strategic Selling®, Conceptual Selling®, and Large Account Management ProcessSM to specifically address the role Economic Buyers play in complex selling environments
  • Complements any sales process currently deployed within a sales organization